Cattle market at in Bac Ha, North Vietnam

A young child at a market stall in Bac Ha, North Vietnam

Young locals man a market stall in Bac Ha, near Sapa, North Vietnam

Market goers span generations at the Can Cau Market, North Vietnam

The women on this set of stairs are all selling home-brewed rice-based moonshine to shoppers at the Bac Ha Market, North Vietnam.

An elderly merchant dressed in very colorful, local garb.

The market focuses on traditional clothing for locals.

The detail in the dress of the women of the Flower Hmong hill tribe is extraordinary.

The male members of the tribes dress much more subdued than their female counterparts.

A couple young shoppers seem to be checking how much money they have left to spend.

It's been a long day at the market. You might notice that they use human hair as the straps used to carry their baskets.

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