The Youngest Contestant
Overview of the festival

This area covered about 1/6th of the overall park and gives you some idea as to the amount of people attending the festival.

Angry Birds Kite

Every kite starts low and rises, and this angry bird is no exception.

Kids love kites

Question: How many kids does it take to control a kite?

Four kids control a kite

Answer: It takes four kids to run a kite.

The anchor of the four children above contemplates the spool.

The anchor of the four children above contemplates the spool.

Colorful, Unusual kite

All of the kites entering competition had to be hand made and this was the winner of the most unusual category.

Judging the "strongest pull".

Judging the “strongest pulling kite” contest required special equipment and the kites that were entered for this contest were massive.

Massive Kite contestant for Largest Kite

This contestant for Largest Kite barely made it into the air for the one minute that was required of it to compete.

Go fly a kite

Most of the entrants for the contests seemed pretty hardcore about their kites, and that definitely includes this gentleman.

Pirate Kite

One of the more interesting kite shapes I saw amongst the thousands at the festival.

Old kite enthusiast

The winner of the “oldest event contestant” award, this 84-year-old kite lover was the operator of the Mary Poppins kite below.

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