The following posts are tied to Travis Ball’s trip around New Zealand with Stray in 2011.

They are listed in chronological order, starting with the start of the trip in July of 2011.  A majority of the posts were written during the trip as a live accounting of the trip.

Stray Group at Uncle Boy's Family Maori

Stray Group at Uncle Boy’s Family Maori

Comments from readers:

  • “Thanks mate, looking forward to reading it! Love to hear your break down of the Stray Bus service! Been following your trip each post, fascinating!”
  • “Really enjoyed your travel photographs of NZ. Visited for the first time earlier this year, as part of my own flashpacking adventure rtw, and thought this place was amazing.”
  • “I went on a week long Stray trip from Queenstown to Wellington, and I loved it. I ended up doing the South Island on my own, but it would have been nice to continue on with them, too.

Your pics are amazing. I’ve got to head to Kaikoura next visit! “

  • “Great summary! My husband and I are doing this tour in December this year and your review has confirmed my rough costs that I had budgeted. Although will be cutting down on some of those activities. Thanks :) “
  • Great post! Originally traveling with a buddy but got flaked out and now had to do it alone! The summary gave me an idea what I can do or squeeze in for my 10 days trip this April.
  • This post has been really useful. I’m planning my tour of NZ, which starts next Sunday! I’m thinking about doing the bus travel totally independently, but I’ve made a note of a lot of your recommended stops. I was thinking of skipping the dolphin swim, but you’ve convinced me to go for it!

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