Photo Essay – Mardi Gras Parades in New Orleans

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Contrary to popular belief, Mardi Gras isn’t just about Beer, Beads and Breasts. The festival and parades were actually described to us by one locals as being put on “for the locals, not for the tourists”. A family affair, outside of Bourbon street you’ll see festival revelers of all ages, and even a few local canines taking part. Here’s some images from the parades that took place when I was there in 2012.

Masked revelers enjoy a Mardi Gras Parade

Masked revelers enjoy a Mardi Gras Parade

The head of the Barkus Mardi Gras Parade

One of the half-dozen music groups walking through the French Quarter as part of the Barkus parade during Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Float Rider

A rider on a Mardi Gras float throws beads overboard

A small horn blower

One of the younger parade attendees toots her own horn.

Mardi Gras marching band

One of the impressive marching bands charges down the street with attitude

Centerpiece of the float

The "Centerpiece" of these float were women dressed in colorful regalia.

Mardi Gras Great Dane

The "Krewe of Barkus" is the only Mardi Gras parade centered around dogs and donates all of its proceeds to local shelters.

An injured dog is transformed into a mock Mardi Gras float.

An injured dog is transformed into a mock Mardi Gras float.

A Parade Drummer

A drummer steps out of formation to ham it up with the crowd.

The Cherry Bombs dancing through the streets

I'm pretty sure this was a roller derby group dancing down as part of a parade.

A girl shouts to try and get a Mardi Gras Throw

This girl shouts and waves in an attempt to get a good Mardi Gras "Throw". The beads are the most famous of these, but the locals seek better throws like plush animals and doubloons.

Handmade Mardi Gras Masks

Throughout the French Quarter you can find little shops selling high quality, hand made Mardi Gras masks - real works of art.

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