Flashpacker HQ Monthly Update: April – Travel Plans, Site Additions and Content Schedule.

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It’s April first and I’m starting what will be a monthly letter to the readers of this blog.  I want to try and accomplish two things with this monthly update.  The first is to update you on what’s going on with the site and the second is to try and open up a line of communication with you, the reader.  I will try and get these updates out at the beginning of each month.

Content Schedule

Starting now, I’m going be updating the site according to the following:

–       Daily Photo – each day a new photo will appear on the site

–       Travel Tuesday – Every Tuesday I will post new content on a range of topics.

–       Photo Essay Friday – I will be releasing a new photo essay every Friday

I will also be posting other content based on recent travels, current events and my own time constraints.  Upcoming posts include an interview with the founder of the annual Luang Prabang film Festival, a photo essay on the Bac Ha Market in Vietnam, and a few reasons why I think you should travel asap.  Stay tuned!

New Site Additions

I’ve been working the last few weeks on many changes to the site and the biggest addition thus far is the travel planning section.  This area contains many links to a variety of resources all over the web.  My hope is you’re able to use the site as a resource while traveling for things like booking a ticket, obtaining a visa or finding out about work or volunteer opportunities abroad.  If you have any suggested links for this section of the site, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The other addition you’ll soon notice is that I’ve partnered with a few sites offering travel related services I fully endorse and recommend.  Read more about why I recommend getting travel insurance for your trip and why I’ve partnered with World Nomads.   Another way to support this site is to use the Amazon link in the sidebar when purchasing anything through Amazon.  I’ll also be working on developing relationships with other companies to try and bring you specific services I recommend.

Upcoming Travel Plans

I am currently in Thailand and will be staying for Songkran (AKA: “Thai New Year”).  After the festival, I’ll head down to Malaysia to catch a flight to Australia on the 19th.  I plan on being in Australia and New Zealand for about 2-3 months before heading back to the states to work on a few projects.


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