Photo Essay – Irish Murals from Derry and Belfast

After wrapping up my summer in Ibiza, I spent a couple weeks flashpacking through Ireland.  I was lucky enough to spend a week traveling through the South, from Dublin to the Cliffs of Moher, and another week in Northern Ireland exploring Belfast, Derry and the Giant’s Causeway.  The murals below are a small sample of what I was able to see while backpacking through these two northern cities.  For the flashpackers interested in art or Irish history, you can’t miss a trip up to these see these murals.

Irish Mural with Kids

The red hand of Ulster

VE day Mural

Shankill Road Mural

Gasmask Mural

The Manchester Martyrs

Derry Skyline with murals

Civil Rights Mural

Two Irish murals in Derry

Civil Rights Mural

Dove of Peace Mural

Freedom is a state of mind graffiti

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  • Justin Watt says:

    I find that an exceptionally powerful way to make a political statement.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, wandering through the streets it could get really intense. There were some spots of Graffiti / Mural that were difficult to photograph but more powerful emotionally. If you get the chance some day, check them out.

  • Cindy Carlsson says:

    Did you do the Black Taxi tour in Belfast? Highly recommended – if sometimes a little creepy. Even my friends who lived there through the Troubles saw and learned things they had never seen or known before. 

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