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Chinese Musician – Flashpacker’s Photo of the Day
Cherry Blossom Tree – Flashpacker’s Photo of the Day
Flashpacker’s Photo of the Day – Genbaku Dome, Hiroshima
Flashpacker’s Photo of the Day – Ginza Monk
Flashpacker’s Photo of the Day – Ha Long Bay
Park City, Utah

From experiencing new cultures to trying new cuisines, there are countless reasons to travel.  One of my favorite things to experience during a trip, and something I’ll often go out of my way to get to, is a festival.  Be it cultural, music or something else, festivals are exciting because they only temporarily exist at [...]

Asian Night Market Springs Up In Los Angeles

One of the greatest parts of international travel is having the opportunity to experience the fascinating and diverse world of food. From Okonomiyaki to Pad See Ew, there’s nothing like encountering a cuisine in its native country.  The night markets of Asia are a destination unto themselves and a stop every flashpacker would be remiss [...]

Riding down Wilshire Blvd. during the summer Los Angeles CicLaVia

CicLaVia is LA's take on Ciclovías, events that started over three decades ago in Columba and now take place all over Latin America and the US.  Cars are kicked off the streets (temporarily) along a chosen route and people are given the freedom to bike, skate, jog, skip, jump, run, walk, and bounce down the streets [...]

Five fly fisherman – from left to right, Chris Williams, Joe Nelson, Brad Hodkinson, Amy Moore and Dylan Lowe

There’s nothing like uniting against a villain to bring together a group of strangers.  While we might not have been a fellowship on our way to destroy a magic ring and save the world, we were an international group of media makers headed into a foreign land to do battle with another species.  Battles were [...]

Bikers line up for the Los Angeles Marathon Crash Race

It is 3:30 AM on a chilly Sunday morning and I am preparing to do something illegal through the streets of Los Angeles. It is the morning of the LA Marathon and I have already spent the last 90 minutes riding from Santa Monica to Tang’s Donuts in Hollywood, the meeting spot for this illegal [...]

The two bags I carried around the world.

What better way to start off my new gear section of the blog than with a review on my favorite piece of travel gear? I love my camera and laptop dearly. They were the items I knew I’d need to protect most during my trip.  Lowepro’s Fastpack 350 is a camera bag, laptop bag and [...]