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Alaska Glacier Hike

I am happy to announce I have the privilege of hosting the Travel Photo Roulette contest for the third time.  Having previously won rounds #3 and #43 means I hosted the "festival" theme for round #4 and the "once in a lifetime" theme for round #44.   My most recent win was for round #91 with the [...]

Hostel staff had some of the best costumes

With Prague's macabre tourist attractions and reputation for being a party city you'd think it would be a good choice for a Halloween visit.  This year, however, didn't work out quite as planned.  There were painted faces and walking dead everywhere this past Halloween, but the main event, a party called "Bloody Sexy", was a [...]

Spartan Race Photo Essay

Spartan Race Photo Essay thumbnail

The following images were taken at the Spartan Beast held June 28th, 2014 in Soldier's Hollow, Utah.  About an hour outside of Salt Lake City, this was a gorgeous location, and the weather was perfect for the event.  I tagged along with my brother and a group of his friends as they took on the [...]

10 Inspiring, Must-Follow Travel Photographers on Instagram thumbnail

Travel Photographers on Instagram There’s nothing like a gorgeous image of an exotic destination to get the travel juices flowing.  Instagram has become a marvelous source for a daily dose of images that is easy to check and constantly being updated.  What makes the service interesting is the distinctive square shape that is reminiscent of [...]

Ryan and friends post during the 2014 Spartan Beast at Soldier’s Hollow in Utah.

Who wants to get absolutely filthy, conquer a few dozen obstacles and run a total of twelve miles in wet socks? Now who wants to do it at altitude while competing with thousands of others? Ryan, my brother, and some friends recently completed the Spartan Beast at Soldier Hill in the mountains of Utah.  The [...]

Passports and Insurance – A Guide to Recovering After a Robbery While Traveling thumbnail

Read about how fellow travel blogger Jeremy Jones was robbed while traveling and how he was able to recover from the unfortunate situation.  We were told it happens to everyone at some point in time, and our turn to be the victims of a theft happened while in Puno, Peru. Someone finally got the better [...]